Recently we met up with a couple of friends who are pursuing FI and they asked us to describe our perfect day.

For me a perfect day starts with a nice little 5km jog (in the sunshine ofcourse).  After this I would love to enjoy a healthy breakfast with my family sitting outside at the garden table.  We would have a fresh post of coffee, orange juice, fresh fruit and eggs with the radio on quietly in the background.

After breakfast we would potter around at a slow pace – sort out our daughter and play with her before packing a picnic and heading out onto our little boat for a gentle afternoon sail.

We would finish the day with a BBQ and a glass of wine – bliss.

The reason we were asked to describe our perfect day is because it makes you consider if your current life reflects this perfect day.  For us it does not – we spend our days working (well I will do when i’m not on maternity leave).

Next ask yourself this question – what would you do to achieve your perfect day – I would do almost anything to be able to spend my days enjoying time with my family, not feeling stressed working or paying high day care fees.

It really focuses your mind – I now feel really motivated to make a plan to save money in order to invest to fund this lifestyle.

Notice I did not describe any part of my day to involve work – not one minute of my time in my dream day is spent working.

If you think you could spend your days like this would you give up your daily Starbucks, frequent meals out and replacing your car every few years?  For me this is a no brainer……

So what is your perfect day?  Does it involve work and what are you willing to give up to get this?