November was a decent month in terms of income and I continue to see growth in my online income – hopefully this time next year it will be 3 or 4 digits each month!

Progress is slow but it is still on an upward trend.

Nothing too interesting happened in November – I was super busy with my accounting practice and it’s nice to finally have a business that is sustainable from a money perspective. I’m still not making the kind of money I made when employed but it’s enough I don’t have to think about throwing in the towel.

Happy Pursuit £0.00

Once again I have neglected this site. When I first started working for myself I had no clients so lots of time to update sites. Now on the other hand this isn’t really the case and this site sadly gets ignored a bit.

I will try and focus more on this site in the new year – promise.

NISA £59.00

Its nice to see a £59 gain this month and see things continuing to increase. This is a long term pot which I hope to build up over the next 10/20 years.

In fact I have recently increased my contributions to £150 per month. This is partly because I am actually earning money and also because I think its quite a good investment option.

Funding Circle £0

Not sure what is going on here at the moment which I why I have not made any money. I have a few investments that have or are in the process of going sour.

I will watch this over the next couple of months but at this point I am considering withdrawing my cash and sticking it in the NISA.

Udemy £57.98

udemy nov

November is the biggest month for sales on Udemy as they do a massive ad campaign around black Friday.

Its really cool to finally be earning a little bit of cash from this.

In this month I have also released a free course on how to prepare a tax return. I am thinking of changing this to a paid course to see if I can earn any cash from it.

I have also started to revisit my first Udemy Course. Essentially the initial quality of it is terrible. Watching those videos makes me realise how far I have come in terms of quality. I have planned to improve this course over the next few months improving quality and course length.

Hopefully I can then increase the price and earn some more cash from it.

Fiverr £34.17

$52 of sales this month which is ok – I want to move away from Fiverr to Udemy though in terms of income as I find that this takes up a fair bit of time for a tiny reward. £0.00

I have continued to add blog posts to the site and we are getting a couple of organic hits now. However I am disappointed at its Google Rankings and I need to work on improving its ranking and back links.

Long term I also plan on expanding the site by adding more cycling routes, training plans and even an online store. I feel that we could transform this site into an ecommerce store for cycle touring and include a forum – but at the moment this is a mere pipe dream.

Total for August : £151.15

Very slowly but surely I am getting there in terms of increasing my income online. TO be honest I have taken my eye off the ball as I have been working on my day to day business most of the time.

Still writing this report keeps reminding me to strive for improvements!

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