When you have a baby people always comment on how expensive they are! Well to be honest they can be as cheap or expensive as you make them. Initially when we were pregnant and buying bits and bobs I would say we were somewhere in the middle. Our pram was a top of the range Bugaboo Cameleon (which we love by the way!) which new costs over £1200! We got ours half price second hand – so still costing an eye watering £600.

Now we are going down the route of financial independence I regret spending this amount – however we live and learn. However other than the pram most of her clothes are second hand and all her nursery furniture is either second hand or furniture we purchased and up-cycled ourselves – and personally we think it looks really pretty!


We have also started using reusable nappies – there was of course an initial cost outlay (they are not cheap!) however now we no longer buy boxes of pampers or baby wipes. In the long term not only will this work out cheaper but it is also much better than the environment. Being a mum of a small baby I end up hanging around with a lot of other mums. Granted there are tons of adorable cute baby bits and bobs you can buy but I am shocked at the amount of cash people are wasting on baby stuff.


One mum i know bought her baby a teeny tiny bracelet on an impulse buy – that was $20 so about £12 – she even said to me that it was cheap! Other mums are hiring sleep consultants, going to baby yoga and buying shoes for babies who don’t even know their feet exist!


Rose is always dressed in pretty clothes, has a nicely decorated room and is very much loved. She has no idea if the stuff she is using is new and it doesn’t change how happy she is so on this basis. We recently bought her a huge bundle of 3-6 month clothes which cost us $20 – one outfit alone new would have cost that.

Now we have gotten past the initial expensive outlay of stuff Rose is pretty cheap (excluding the fact I’m not really earning any money right now!). So the moral of this story is don’t wast money on baby stuff you don’t need and babies don’t necessarily cost as much as you think.