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I called this blog pursuit of happiness for a reason. That was because I was sick of working in a job I didn’t really enjoy and found I was spending my days doing things I didn’t really want to do. Thus I decided to set this blog to chart the changes I have been making in my life to pursue being more happy.

Around the same time I set up this blog one of things I did was purchase two tickets to Bestival, a popular music festival on the Isle of Wight.

Well time goes quickly and Mike and I went to the festival last weekend. I can honestly say that is was probably the most fun I have had in ages!!

The festival runs from Thursday to Monday but to avoid the ridiculous ferry prices we went across on Wednesday night in the car with my brother. We landed in Yarmouth at half 9 at night and decided that in order to save money we would either sleep in the car or camp somewhere.

We were driving haphazardly around and happened to fund a public forest so we sneakily pitched the tents and camped there for the night. I should point out that for me that was pretty crazy – living on the edge kinda stuff lol!

Any way the next morning we drove to Bestival, queued up got the tickets and pitched our tents.

Bestival 2015 review

As soon as we arrived I felt like we were in an adult like Disney land – it was soo cool!

Bestival 2015 review

The theme for this years festival was the summer of Love. Bestival has a reputation for amazing fancy dress costumes so our idea was to create an entire wedding party. So we had two brides, mother of the brides a vicar a wedding photographer and a dj (me).

For £45 you could actually book a wedding in an inflatable chapel – it was amazing and surreal and I think I will remember two male brides singing a shaggy song for their vows for eternity!

Bestival 2015 review

Bestival 2015 review

Asides from music there was so much to do – I had a free haircut (all ways on the hunt for a bargain) did yoga, made peace with the earth, went to a drawing class, played in a drum circle and had some medicinal marshmallows (No I do not mean drugs – it was an actual thing!).


Bestival 2015 review

Previously when I went to festivals I must admit I got a little bit bored in the day, but here literally every corner you turned there was something cool and fun happening.

The music was also pretty good with my faves being Snap and the Jacksons.  Missy Elliot did put on a good show but not being the biggest fan there wasn’t much I could shout along too.

The food also was pretty good this year with no dodgy burger vans in sight.  We had some Korean Buritos (really spicy) and some amazing malaysian curry with rice.  The food and drink options were so extensive and if you had some serious cash top burn you would be having an awsome time!  Also a special thanks to the ladies of the WI who kept me topped up on caffine and sugar the whole weekend!!

If I go next year I have my eye on the watermelon cocktails which is a whole cocktail inside a watermelon (pretty cool in my opinion!).

This is what life is about – having fun and I plan to do a lot more of this fun stuff in the coming years

Woop, woop!

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