A couple of years ago now we decided as a new years resolution to attempt to make our own bread for a year.  This was one of the best resolutions we have made to date and I think the only one we kept!

If you grab a loaf of bread from the supermarket take a look at the ingredients – half of the stuff on the label you have no idea what it is and you will even find sugar in your bread as well – seems crazy.

Also the fact that you can have bread keep fresh for about a week isn’t right either – I mean what manner of crap goes into this stuff!!

So initially this started as a way to indulge in my baking hobby and at the same time be a bit more conscious of what we were actually eating – but it actually turned out to be pretty darn frugal too.

Each week I would use 1kg of bread flour to make 2 small loaves that would last the week using 80% wholemeal and 20% white flours.  In total I reckon if you ignore proving it only took about 30 minutes of my time.

I think I worked out the cost of each loaf to be somewhere between 30-50p – which is significantly cheaper than a decent shop bought loaf.

Now we are in Canada food is way more expensive than the UK and a decent loaf of bread costs about $4-5 dollars which is about £2.5-£3.  Plus I haven’t confirmed this but I would guess that shop bought bread here contains even more sugar than at home.

Granted flour here also costs more but still – we are saving a fair bit of money each week on not buying bread.

Oh and I probably forgot to mention that home made bread tastes amazing!  You really can’t beat a slice of warm bread fresh from the oven with a slather of butter – it’s one of natures great tastes!

This is a new years resolution that I hope to continue forever – plus on a rainy day when we are looking for something cheap to do it’s pretty fun to experiment making different types of breads as well.

The only book I use for my bread making is Paul Hollywood’s baking book (not the bread one) – however many of the recipes I know off by heart now!