This blog is all about documenting my journey of earning money online so I have enough cash to live the life of freedom.

In this page I have listed all the blog posts I have written which summaries how much cash I have made in a month.

Hopefully we can start to see this increase each month until it is a sustainable income.  I am so inspired by the amount of blogs I find which show people generating an income online and I dream to be one of them.

I am being as transparent as possible with what cash I have made in order to give you an idea of how much you can earn from the use of the internet.


October 2015 – Total Income: £111.87

This month has made sales but it is still small.  Room for improvement!

September 2015 – Total Income: -£292.06

The stock market continued to decrease in the month.  ut gains were made with Fiverr and Udemy!

August 2015 – Total Income: -£654.49

Terrible month due to the downturn in the stock markets.  Ignoring this though things are improving!

July 2015 – Total Income: £95.98

This is my best month yet and the first month I can honestly say that I have made money online! I need to do even better next month – no going back now! Yipee 🙂

June 2015 – Total Income: -£242.35

This month was so bad its depressing.  This is the turning point for me – no more negatives and more more small tiny amounts of cash made.  From now on you will only see it increase – promise!

May 2015 – Total Income: £73.18

A better month but the cash I made was from my stock and shares ISA.  Still no money made yet online.

April 2015 – Total Income: £7.76

Not a great month – especially since the cash I did earn was made on my day out horse racing at Ascot!