Well I won’t lie it still has been a tough month.

But to be honest I haven’t really been focusing on it too much. I am getting married in a few weeks and things have got pretty manic. I find that all of a sudden I am spending my days going from one meeting to the next with wedding suppliers and it’s all getting a bit crazy.

 Happy Pursuit £0.00

Given this blog is all about ways to earn money so that I can do the things I dream of doing you would think it would earn me some cash but nope.

To be fair it’s still early days so I don’t expect it to and I have nothing to monetize it with anyway.

What I am getting excited about though is I am really increasing visitor numbers to my blog – it’s a great feeling to know I am not just talking to my self all the time!

Web site visitors

I also have lots of exciting plans for the blog so hopefully I can track visitor numbers and watch them increase over time (well fingers crossed anyway).

Just to add – I am aware my visitors are still tiny but its a step in the right direction!

So the plan is visitor count up and bounce rate down!

NISA £71.00

Nutmeg report

It has been a good month on the savings account front with a net increase of £71. Whilst you could argue its not millions its not a bad return from my £100 per month saving.

One day it might be millions, I can but only dream…..

 Snowee £0.00

Our dormant skiing website. Sleeping but not dead – hoping to be awoken winter 2015/16.

Funding Circle £2.18

Funding Circle results

Funding circle is doing really well. Given that lending to businesses carries a bit of a risk I am amazed that so far every business has kept up with repayments. I am so impressed in fact that I am considering investing a little more.

I would like to point out at this point that you may notice from this income report that my earnings are indeed £0. So when I say invest I mean deposit £100 or something along those lines.

Net earnings to date are £9.31 which seems pretty good for such a small amount invested (£300).

Udemy £0.00

At the moment all of my courses online are free. Once I am back from honeymoon I am focusing on putting together a series of paid-for courses so hopefully by the end of this year Udemy will no longer have a big fat zero by it anymore.

But my current course has over 400 students at the moment  – Yay

Total for May: £73.18

Better than last month but still terrible. When I see these summaries on other blogs they always run into thousands or tens of thousands – time to pull my finger out.

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