This month income wise has been terrible, my investments have performed poorly and I have not made a penny from any website at all.

However in my defense I have been organising my wedding, getting married and going on honeymoon – so that’s my excuse anyway.

 Happy Pursuit £0.00

Again I have no income from this website this month. But I don’t really intend to be making anything from it at the moment.

I am working hard on a re-design at the moment and am also spending time adding lots of helpful content to make it much more resource heavy.

So at the moment my goal is to increase visitor numbers to the site with a goal of 5,000 visitors in 1 month. My target is to reach this by Christmas – fingers crossed!

NISA -£246

This is certainly the worst month for my online portfolio with me loosing £246 in 30 days – ouch!!

This is more of a long term game plan for me so nothing to worry about at the moment. The aim is to forget about it for 10 years or so and then buy a house or something.

At the rate this is decreasing I might only be able to afford a cardboard box! – never mind!

Hopefully July is much better!

 Snowee £0.00

Our dormant skiing website. Sleeping but not dead. In fact during our honeymoon were had a few meetings on our revival plan for this website and how we intend to change it. Our first milestone is for the stage 1 redesign to be live in September before the ski season starts.

I will let you know my progress as we continue forward with this idea.

Funding Circle £3.65

Funding circle results

This month I have earned £3.65 in interest from Funding Circle. Given that this is interest for one month only and I have only deposited £300 this seems a really good return to me so far.

Also none of the businesses I have lent to at the moment have had any difficulties in making the repayments – if I ever make any money from websites I will certainly invest some more cash into this. It also makes you feel like you are doing your bit supporting small business growth in the UK.

Udemy £0.00

Nothing from Udemy for this month but hopefully next month this I will be generating income!

My free course now has over 550 students enrolled which is 150 more than last month so it’s exciting to see this continue to grow.

Yesterday I also submitted my new course for review to the Udemy team. This new course is a paid for course so hopefully I should start to generate a revenue from this as well.

Total for May: £-£242.35

Worst month ever thanks to my NISA result! However they always say you reach rock bottom before starting to improve!

Next month will be better, this is the turning point – I promise!

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