September has been another great month. Outside of work I went to Bestival (funnest place ever!) and the sun has been shining.

On top of this Mike and I are planning to move to Canada next year and have finished all the bits we need for the visa application this month so hopefully we will get the invitation to apply soon.

Work wise I have had another busy month with my full time business (Accountancy) gaining more clients. This makes me feel like the crazy decision I made at the end of last year to quit my job is starting to pay off (Although I still earn a fraction of what I did!).

I have also continued to increase my sales on Udemy and Fiverr so my making money on the internet idea is also gaining traction (yay!).

This month Mike and I have started building an affiliate site which will be our first site we have made in full. It’s nearly ready to go and probably required a full weekend of work to get it live. The goal for this site is to receive £100 in income per month from it.

My NISA still performed poorly again however this is a long term investment. I dream of the day when I can show a 4 figure positive total on this site!

Happy Pursuit £0.00

Sadly Happy Pursuit has been a bit neglected this month. I was on a roll in the last few months but have found myself so busy I haven’t had the time to focus on this.

My full time business has got really busy recently which means I have been unable to focus with my websites online. Hopefully things will die down in September and I will be back on to sorting these out!

NISA -£324

My overall portfolio this month has continued to fall. However instead of pulling out I continue to invest because it has been said that overtime stocks and shares prove to be the best investment.

This tiny portfolio is saving for the long term future. The idea is that using this fund I will either invest it in property when I have built up enough of a fund and help to provide for my retirement in the future.

I don’t want to touch this pot (even if I wanted to buy a house or new car).

Funding Circle £2.55

Funding circle September

I continue to be impressed with Funding Circle as a long term investment idea. This month I have made £2.55 in interest from an initial investment of £500 so it is still a great return.

I have so far not had any business default on the loan payment. However this month one company I lend to has not paid its repayment which suggests that they may be facing difficulty repaying the loan. I have £19 exposed with the business which whilst the amount of money isn’t much if they don’t repay the balance it will wipe out all of my current gains.

Udemy £10.90

Udemy September

During September I made $16.51 from course sales. This is still a very small figure however this is the third month I have been selling courses and this is the highest amount of sales. It is encouraging to see the figure continue to increase.

My aim is to make $100 in income per month per course so I am at a long way off. Interestingly I literally made no sales at all until the 29th of this month!

This is because I finally launched the second paid course – hoorah! As a result I did some marketing to get students to join the course for free. This is so the course builds credibility which increases the likelihood of making real sales. To offer the course for free I posted a link on Reddit which was picked up by some coupon sites and was even Tweeted.

What I found disappointing is that until I did a marketing drive I made no sales. This shows tome that students are opting for different accounting courses to mine and won’t simply sign up under their own steam.

I have also met this month with a videographer and we’re planning on collaborating to make some videos and split the profit 50/50. The idea is that I draft and create the courses and they edit them professionally. I feel that if this goes to plan I should have the most professional accounting courses available on Udemy.

Fiverr £18.49

Again this month I have continued to increase the amount of money I have made on Fiverr making $28 this month, mainly due to increased 5 star reviews.

I have also put together templates which cuts down the time it takes me to complete orders from about 1 hour to under 10 minutes which makes it much more efficient.

I still feel that I can update my profile to increase views and thus sales, if I have some spare time next month then I plan to do this. However this income is in no way passive and you get very little cash for the time invested.

However if you have spare capacity and time then this is a great way to make a little extra cash.

Total for September : -£292.06

This month was not good because of my stock and shares ISA doing so poorly as a result of the downturn in the stock markets globally.

The reasons I include it in my income report is because I am being transparent about my investments and business plans which I have outside of my normal job.

I am trying to build up passive income and have multiple revenue sources so that I have more financial freedom and am able to do what I want.

Did I achieve my September goals?

  • Third Udemy course goes live – Yes this went live at the end of September
  • Create a small affiliate website – Yes this has been created and should be complete this month- I will explain all when it goes live!
  • Improve my Fiverr profile – Nope
  • Continue to plan small business idea – Nope

October Goals

  • Complete affiliate website
  • Double my September Udemy course sales

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