October was a pretty good month and we have made quite a bit of progress with online bits and bobs.

October was spent working (lots!) from a non-online perspective my business is starting to take off and I am finding myself super busy which has meant I have been working weekends and struggling to get a good work life balance.

On the online front we have managed to launch our first affiliate website www.cyctrip.co.uk. It’s a website about cycling from London to Amsterdam with information on routes, gear and FAQ’s. We hope to continue to add information to this site for the next 6 months or so and then fingers crossed it will start to gain some traction.

On the doing fun things perspective nothing happened this month – too busy working! Hopefully we can start to achieve a better balance once things get more established.

Happy Pursuit £0.00

This website is more about discussing what I have been doing to earn money online rather than generating an income. So I don’t expect it to earn anything – and don’t try.

I am thinking of adding some more guides and videos over Christmas when I have a spare few days so keep your eyes peeled out for that!

Its nice to look back at the earlier posts and see how far I have come in a short space of time

NISA £27.00

The stock markets are starting to recover now a little bit so I have made £27 gain this month. However I still have a loss.

My pot is still very small at only £2,653 per month. I add into it £100 per month as this is a small amount and isn’t really missed. It also shows that anyone can have investments and plan for the future (you don’t need to be a millionaire).

Funding Circle £1.76

Funding circle has been doing really well and I have averaged returns of about 10% which is amazing.

However the good luck seems to be ending here. I have notices on my account that one company who I lend to has gone into Administration and another has cancelled it’s direct debit.

The total I am exposed to here is about £40 which will wipe out all of my gains if I don’t see my money returned. It does bring into question how thorough their checking process is.

I have decided to stop investing in Funding Circle for the time being.

Udemy £6.90

Udemy October

Udemy October

Total sales for Udemy in October were $10.50 which is a bit disappointing. I want to see this figure continue to increase and this is less than last month.

I did not do any promotions on this which may explain why it is low. The plan is to continue to create new courses, create a web page for them and improve the sales.

I hear of other instructors who make a lot of money with no marketing either so they are clearly doing something I am not. I think I will start experimenting with pricing and other tactics to drive up sales.

Fiverr £76.21

This month I have received $116 from Fiverr which is a nice feeling. It’s only small but over a 12 month period it will pay for a nice holiday or a couple of meals out per month.

It just shows you that your income is not limited and there are many ways to earn cash online. I still find it exciting to make a little bit of extra cash. However as it is not recurring and takes time I do not want this to become my sole focus.

Cyctrip.co.uk £0.00

This is the new affiliate site we have created and it is our first site. Mike has done the designing and I am focusing on the content.

It has been a lot of work to get to this point but we are super excited now it is live. We are now concentrating on ways to increase traffic to the site and generating an income from it.

I feel that we have a lot to learn and will be posting some information on what we have done to create the site and how it is performing.

Total for August : £111.87

This month is still better than when I first started out but I am disappointed about how low the income still is. I am certain that more can be made online ( and could have done for some Christmas spending money) so will keep at it!

Did I achieve my October goals?

  • Complete affiliate website
  • Double my September Udemy course sales

November Goals

  • Continue to post blog posts on Cyctrip
  • Add a new course to Udemy
  • Devise a marketing strategy and test price points for Udemy

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