This income report for July is much more optimistic than last month. June was terrible and I remember saying that this was a turning point – I will never do this badly again – and guess what I was right!

This month I have had my first online sales – ok so we are literally talking about pennies here but everything is looking up. July has been kind to me and August will be even better!

Happy Pursuit £0.00

No income from this website this month but there is no revenue making methods included at the moment so no adverts, links etc.
There has been quite a few changes this month on Happy Pursuit though. First things first the new version of the website has been released which looks much better (all thoughts and appreciated).
Over the past couple of years I have been reading extensively how to make money online in so many different ways I thought I would put together some guides on how to do it. So this is a new section in the website which I plan on growing quite a bit over the next few months.
I am the typical person who spends their whole time learning and not “doing” which is why despite knowing a fair bit about the internet I still am not really earning any money from it. But I may as well share this knowledge with you guys!

NISA +£87

The stock market still hasn’t been performing that well recently which I why I have been performing quite badly over the last few months.
June was so terrible though that this is does my portfolio mildly recovering from that – so this is a positive step but I am still not making money from this so far in this tax year.

Snowee £0.00

Still no update on this. It is a lot of work and I was chatting to Mike yesterday about shelving the idea totally and making something much smaller and more niche.
This project is mammoth and I reckon we would not earn a penny from this for quite a few years. I am keen to start smaller more niche skiing website and see how that does instead.

Funding Circle £0.66

Given that this is a fixed fee I am not sure how I have only made £0.66p so far. I am guessing it might be a timing difference of something.
Anyway I have decided that I am going to invest an extra £200 in Funding Circle because so far I am on track to make 10% interest which is excellent.

Udemy £3.20

Udemy earnings
This is where things are starting to get really interesting. Towards the end of this month I launched my first paid for course on the Udemy Platform. It is about really basic accounting principles.
Initially I created quite a few free vouchers to give away. The idea behind this is that if I have high student numbers it gives potential paying students the reassurance that this is a popular course. I then shared these vouchers on Reddit and also sent them out to my current students on the free course I made.
The good thing for me is that these vouchers went viral with people taking them and posted them to free coupon forums and websites.
So as I type this I now have 662 students on my second course.
The most exciting thing is that I have 1 paid for student! I can’t even begin to explain how exciting this is for me! It has taken me a lot of work and time to get two courses live and I feel like finally it is paying off.
So fingers crossed August will have even higher number here to report!

Fiverr – £5.12

Fiverr revenue
I joined Fiverr this month as a bit of an experiment to see if I could make any extra cash from this website.
Each “Gig” I offer is for $5 and I get to keep $4 of it. So far I have sold 2 gigs and made $8. This is not my ideal business model because for each “Gig” you have lots of work to do.
My ideal business model is e-products where you make once and sell many. But until I get super successful or busy this is quite a fun little side project to keep things ticking along nicely. Anyway money is money and it’s better than last month!

Total for May: £95.98

This month is much better than last month and I am excited that I am starting to earn money online (which is the whole point of this blog!).
Now hopefully I can watch this grow over the next few months and see what happens!

August plans

I am going to be mad busy in August which I think will have an effect on how much work I will get done.
Firstly in my accountancy business I have a few more clients so there is quite a bit of work to do for that and I imagine it will take up most of my time.
Secondly I am so busy socially – but with really fun and exciting things – I’m off to the Red Bull Air Race at Ascot race course in a couple of weeks time, its my birthday this month and for the bank holiday weekend Mike and I are going camping in Devon.
The campsite looks amazing because it’s in a forest and you are allowed camp fires – so I can’t wait to go out and explore the Devon on my bike!
Still here is a short list of what I want to accomplish in August:
• Third Udemy course goes live
• Invest some more money into Funding circle
• Add 1 more guide to Happy Pursuit
• Start planning a new small online business idea

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