August has been a great month ( not financially) but I have got up to some really cool things – despite the terrible weather.

I spent my birthday in the Purbecks cycling and walking, went and watched the Redbull Air Race at Ascot and went away to Devon for the august bank holiday weekend. This is what life should be all about – finding the right balance between work and doing things you enjoy!

Dartmoor hiking

Despite the poor stock market performance my other online ventures have continued to increase in the money I have earnt – so I am hoping this trend will continue.

Happy Pursuit £0.00

Sadly Happy Pursuit has been a bit neglected this month. I was on a roll in the last few months but have found myself so busy I haven’t had the time to focus on this.

My full time business has got really busy recently which means I have been unable to focus with my websites online. Hopefully things will die down in September and I will be back on to sorting these out!

NISA -£675

Thanks to the Chinese economy my investments have taken a huge nosedive and I have lost about 10% of the total value in 30 days.

I knew it was bad but I didn’t quite realise how bad things were until I logged in and saw this – ouch!

Never mind I am in it for the long game – hold steady and keep going!

Funding Circle £1.92

Fundingcircle Aug

Funding Circle seems to be working really well and my average gross yield before bad debt and fees is 10.4%.

I started Funding Circle last year (maybe October) with only £300. Last month I put in another £200 to make it up to £500.

Year to date I have earnt £16.28 after fees which is pretty good for a full year of lending. I know this is still tiny amounts of money but given the small investment is seems so far a good return to me!

I plan to continue to add money to this pot as and when I can!

Udemy £8.11

Udemy Rev Aug

This is currently my main focus in making money online. I have two courses which are live (one of these is free).

Some instructors on here make tens of thousands of pounds but these have huge followings on Youtube or email lists.

I am starting from scratch and have none of these so it will take time to build momentum.

During August I made $12.38 from Udemy course sales. Whilst this is still a tiny figure it is a 136% increase from July. I simply need to continue this rise in order to keep improving my sales figures.

I am still working on my next course (which I had hoped to go live in August). So one this is live hopefully I will see more positive results! It is also a more advanced course than the first one so I am hoping that I will be able to sell this course to people taking my first course.

The quality of these courses seems to improve each time I create a new one so at some point I will need to go back to the old ones and improve these.

To complement these courses I am planning on building an accounting website which will advertise the courses and also hopefully generate an income in its own right. So this is something I would like to see live by Christmas.

I would like to generate an income from Udemy of $100 dollars per month by Christmas – fingers crossed things will start to build momentum.

Fiverr – £10.48

Fiverr seems to be picking up momentum as well this month which is nice to see.

I have got a few 5 star reviews which really helps to make my gigs higher up the listings.

My videos and pictures to advertise my gigs are still rubbish though so I feel that there is much room for improvement here. In September I think I will spend a few hours tweaking my profile and videos e.t.c in order to improve sales.

I have also managed to get the time it takes to complete the work right down to about 10 minutes! Previously it was taking from 30 minutes to 6 hours to complete a gig! At least I feel it is more worthwhile.

Its quite a fun way to make a little bit of pocket money! If only I knew about this sooner!

Total for August : -£654.49

This month was not good because of my stock and shares ISA doing so poorly as a result of the downturn in the stock markets globally.

The reasons I include it in my income report is because I am being transparent about my investments and business plans which I have outside of my normal job.

I am trying to build up passive income and have multiple revenue sources so that I have more financial freedom and am able to do what I wish.

August Plans

Invest some more money into Funding circle
• Add 1 more guide to Happy Pursuit – no time to do this maybe in the next month
Start planning a new small online business idea – ideas a plenty do I action them?

September Plans

September will be another busy month – once again this is a busy month socially as I am off to Bestival next week – woohoo!

For those that don’t know this is a really cool festival on the IOW and for Saturday I am dressing up as a wedding DJ :s – Need to fashion myself an outfit similar to this somehow:

DJ fancydress

 Anyway on top of having fun I really should get some work done so here’s my objectives for September:

  • Third Udemy course goes live
  • Create a small affiliate website
  • Improve my Fiverr profile
  • Continue to plan small business idea

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