When I started this blog it was so I could track my journey of becoming an entrepreneur and explore money making options.

So at the end of each month I will track my income and what I have made.

Accountancy business: £0.00

Well I have earned nothing. I do have some clients but I have re-invested the cash into software so not a great start. I have also just got a new client for it is promising.

Nutmeg NISA: -£2.00

Nutmeg Nisa April
As you know from previous posts I save £100 per month in a NISA as a long term savings plan for a one day house purchase.

I now have £2,000 in the ISA but this month I lost money, sad times.

Happy Pursuit blog: £0.00

Well to be fair I am not trying to make money from this at the moment – its just for fun. One day maybe though…

Udemy: £0.00

Well I am really excited to say that this week my first course went live (it only took me four months).

Its only been live for 2 days and I have over 200 students which is really cool. The only downside is that it was a free course so I earn nothing.  But now I get how this works I am going to try and make some courses which I charge for.

Snowee ski website: £0.00

This is a project we started last summer and I would currently describe as dormant.  Still Mike and I have had a couple of meetings to see how we can drive this forward.

Funding circle: £1.76

Funding CIrcle Earnings Summary

Now this I do find interesting, I only have £300 invested in funding circle but so far all of my loans are being repaid. The £1.76 is the interest I made in April and embarrassingly is the most I made from anything this month.

Horse Racing: £8

Last week I went to Ascot with my friends for a fun day out. I am not a gambler and it was just a bit of fun and in total I made £8 profit. I wouldn’t normally include this but today I am clutching at straws a bit.

Total £7.76

So this month has been pretty rubbish. On the plus side I can’t do much worse so I can only improve.

I often see income reports posted on other peoples blogs which shows them earning tons of money. Hopefully I will be them one day but for the time being this is hopefully good to show people that everyone must start somewhere…

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