If you are new to the scene of making money online and have a “skill” of some sorts then Fiverr is a great platform. It is also a great way of supplementing your day to day income to save for Christmas or a nice holiday!


What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a website where you can sell your freelance services or skills for a set price of $5 per job. This can be for anything you like (and trust me some jobs on there are really diverse!) from copy writing to web design to a voice over – literally you are only limited by your imagination!

$5 isn’t very much money though is it? I mean at today’s exchange rate $5 is only £3.21 – and that won’t even buy you a Boots meal deal!

The key in making money on Fiverr is scale. The more jobs you sell and the quicker you can do those jobs the more money you can make.

Fiverr is not a form of passive income because you are required to do something for each job. It’s great for a short term solution, earning a little bit of extra cash on the side whilst you build up your other online business (which trust me take time!).

What type of services should I offer?

As I mentioned above the key to making decent money on Fiverr is selecting the right type of jobs in the first place. BTW I should mention at this point that in Fiverr a job is called a “Gig”.

To make enough money and get a good stream of sales the key is to first make sure that your Gig is in demand on the site.

Working out what type of gigs on Fiverr are popular at the moment is super easy. On the home page there is a massive section devoted to what people are searching for in Fiverr.

Popular searches on Fiverr

As you can see from the picture above design is hugely popular at the moment on Fiverr. So if you were targeting volume of sales then this might be a good area to go down.

However you can literally do anything on Fiverr so play to your skills (or lack of!). Interestingly other Gigs I have seen on Fiverr include leaving reviews on sites for you, being a personal assistant, homework help and research.

When thinking about what type of Gig to offer research the competition. You want your Gig to stand out from the hundreds of Gigs in the same category as yours. If you have no reviews and are offering exactly the same service as someone else, why should anyone order from you??

Think about the work load

When you are planning your Gigs (allways do as many as possible!) really think about how long you imagine it will take you to perform the Gig.

Don’t offer to build someone a 10 page website for $5!

You need to make sure that the Gig won’t take you too long to carry out. Ideally the task should take under 20 minutes, otherwise you are literally working all day for nothing.

Passive ways of making money on Fiverr

To really get the most out of Fiverr you want to reduce the time you spend fulfilling Gigs to as little as possible.

Popular ways to make money with little or no additional time required is to offer e-books or lists such as marketing lists and supplier lists.

Once you have done the work and put together the documents when your Gig is sold all you have to do is email the link and boom you have made $5 – simple!

How to create a “Gig” and get sales

You now know what Fiverr is and have an idea as so what type of services to offer. This section of the guide will go through how to create a Gig in Fiverr and ensure it is optimised in order to attract the most traffic and sales.

To get your Gig noticed and get more sales you need to make sure you have optimised your Gig to grab attention and make it search engine friendly.

Create a New Gig

To create a Gig in Fiverr first sign up, log into your account. In the top right hand corner you will see your username with a drop-down menu. Select “My Sales” then “Create A New Gig”

Fiverr create gig


This is key in attracting people to click on your Gig. Along with a picture this is the only thing people will see when searching through the Gigs so it’s really important to get the title right.

Fiverr automatically adds “I will” to the beginning of your Gig so you might want to bear this in mind.

Your title should be:

  • Eye catching and stand-out
  • Keyword optimised (you could use Google’s Keyword planner tool to do this or get ideas from trending searches on Fiverr’s home page)


Category – this is pretty self-explanatory but it really important to get right.

When a buyer is searching for an animated video they would search in the “ Video and Animation” category. If you offer this service but advertised it under “Graphic & Design” they would not find your video and you would make no sales from this.

The Gig gallery

The gallery is key to attracting attention and showing off your work to the world. If people can see previous work you have done this will boost their confidence and increase the likelihood of them purchasing your Gig.

There are two types of images you upload to your Gig:

Cover photo: This is an image displayed at the top of your Gig. It should complement your Gig and add to the professionalism if what you are offering. The cover photo should be a Jpeg and 1100 x 260 pixels.

Gig gallery: This is where you showcase your work. Make sure to provide examples of previous designs, videos or reviews you have done. Don’t worry if you haven’t done any then just create some as examples and post these here. Pictures in the gallery should be 550 x 370 pixels.


Fiverr description

Description is where you explain in more detail exactly what you offer for that might $5.

Make sure you cover clearly what is included and state also what is NOT included. The majority of problems with customers occur when people do not understand clearly what is and what is not included in the Gig. Reviews are really important so you want to make sure you get it right first time.

You want to make sure that the description is easy to read and understand , to do this I recommend that you give a couple of sentences as an overview and then use bullet points to explain what is included.


Make sure you give your Gig tags. Tags are what Fiverr uses to identify relevant Gigs when buyers are searching on their site.

Make sure the Tags you give are relevant and specific to your Gig.

So for example if your Gig was for an animated video your tags could be:

Video, Animation, Animated Video, Graphic Design


Duration is where you state how long it will take you to deliver your Gig to the buyer. You can deliver the Gig quicker if you want to but certainly make sure it doesn’t take you longer that you state here as it could affect your reviews.

For new Gigs I all ways recommend that you opt to deliver the Gig within 24 hours (the quickest time frame). This is because it will help you to stand out from others in the same category hen you have less reviews.

Gig extras

Gig extras is a great way to earn some extra cash. Basically you can offer to enhance your current Gig for extra cash. Ways to do this could be to deliver it quicker or offer 2 designs instead of one etc.

The amount of extras and the price you charge for them is dependent on your seller level. The more Gig’s you sell the higher your seller level is.

At the start when you are level 0 you are able to offer two Gig extras for up to $20.


According to the Fiverr website having a video on your Gig greatly increases your chance of getting a sale. It also shows more personality and gives you a chance to better explain what you are offering.

In order to help you make a sale I recommend that every Gig you do includes a video.

Maximise your sales on Fiverr

Well done on getting this far. Now you have created a selection of Gigs on Fiverr.

Unfortunately it’s not as simple as creating Gigs and waiting for the money to roll in. There is still a load of work to do to encourage people to purchase your Gigs. In this section of the guide I will cover ways in which you can boost your Gigs to get more people interested in them and start making those all important sales.

Social Media

Social media these days is so important in getting people’s attention and letting them know what you are doing.

Make sure that you advertise on Facebook and Twitter that you have set up a series of Gigs on Fiverr. The power of sharing means that this should enable you to reach a really wide audience in minutes.

Don’t forget Pinterest

Are your Gigs creative? I know that when I am looking for design ideas the first place I go to is Pinterest. If whilst browsing Pinterest I found a Gig that could do my design for a mere $5 – I’m sold!

Make sure you are on there.

Buy your own course

I must admit I feel this is a bit underhand and sneaky but it makes a real difference. Your new gig will have no reviews – and for a buyer they are much more likely to go to a seller with multiple positive reviews compared to someone who hasn’t had any sales yet.

You need to create a couple of new accounts on Fiverr and purchase your own gig leaving a positive review! Fiverr take $1 out of each $5 so technically this will cost you $1 each time you buy your own gig.

Despite all of your efforts made from my suggestions above no buyer wants to be the first one to take the leap and try you out – so unfortunately this is still a pretty essential step to selling your first gig.

Give it a go!

Fiverr is fun – getting your first sale for $5 is not exactly going to make you a millionaire – but if you do it in your spare time is a pretty good way to make some extra cash for that summer holiday or that new car you were lusting after!

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