So I started this blog back in 2014 because I was sick of working for someone else and wanted something more.

A lot has changed since then….

Its now 2017 and since I took a break from this blog I have…

  • Got married
  • Started and sold my accounting business
  • Moved to Canada
  • oh and had a baby – my beautiful daughter Rose

Thats quite a lot of change in a few years!

Well why did I stop writing the blog in the first place?

To put it simply life got in the way – I became more focused on my business and as that took up more of my time I had less time to spend on other pursuits.  A business that I ended up hating by the way.

Saying that though the main reason is because I lost focus on what this blog was about and why I started it in the first place.

Why is it back?

This blog is back because I was right a few years ago and that I really do want more out of life.

I want to be able to spend time with my family, have time for my endless list of hobbies and to travel the world.

In order to do all those things I need to be financially independent so I don’t need to spend the majority of my life stuck in an office with life passing me by.

Having my daughter 8 weeks ago changed everything for me.  I realised how much I was enjoying simply being at home with her.  I love going for walks with her in the park, having day time cuddles and watching her grow and it makes me sad that my husband misses all of this each day he walks out of the door to go to work.

By having this blog I want to discuss all things about financial independence and frugality as well as holding us accountable to our goals as we go along the path to financial independence.  By publicly declaring our goals this will hopefully remind me each month about them and help us stay on track.

So more about our goals..

Ultimately we want to be able to live without relying on full time work for our income.  Our goal is that we want to be fully retired before we are 40.

In order to do that we decided what cash flow we needed from investments in order to do that.

Our magic number is £6000 (before tax) income a month in order to retire.

In order to make this goal manageable and realistic we have broken it down into mini goals.

1 year: £500 in passive income

5 years: £3000 in passive income

10 years: £6000 in passive income.

So our first magic number that we need to hit is £500 in passive income!

We are starting this journey from essentially a starting point of 0.  We do not have thousands of pounds in investments, we rent our home, oh and I am  currently a stay at home mum – so we are only on one income.

We want to show that anyone can do this – you don’t need to have massive salaries or rich parents in order to retire early.

We would also love to hear from other people who are going along on this journey and what steps you have taken to get there quicker.