When you were a child I bet you drove your parents crazy asking why. Every sentence would end with – “why? why? why?”

I bet you don’t do that any more do you?

As you get older we stop asking why and start simply accepting things for the way it is, we stop questioning the world and our beliefs and simply accept the status quo.

For the past two weeks or so I have been asking myself why. Why do I want to work for myself and what motivates me.

After doing some soul searching the answer for me is simple:


I want to be free to decide when and where I work, how much money I make and what I plan to do today.

This realisation has led to some big changes.

As you know I’m an accountant and have recently set up my own company. Initially when I was planning the company I wanted it to be online as much as possible. This would mean I could work from anywhere at anytime.

Fast forward 4 months and what have I got?

I have created an accountancy firm based in Bournemouth which specialises in digital creatives and start-ups. Oh – and offer cloud based accounting software.

Does that sound like a location free online business to you?

What I have been doing is building my business to be very location dependent – completely the opposite from what I intended to do. I didn’t set out to do this, It has just happened without me even realising! Once I had realised this my first thought was “OMG – what was I thinking!”

This just goes to show how social norms are so engrained in our conscious that you just accept and conform without even noticing.

As a result of this I am now working on completely changing my business plan so that I can operate as an online business or be a “nomadic accountant” if you will. This is a big change with me needing to re-do the website, pricing and pretty much everything.

One thing this does show is that ideas change and evolve and you can make changes to realise your why.  It doesn’t matter if you have just finished your idea, have an established business or are still dreaming, you can always change.

Ask yourself why

If you have time to read this you have time to spend five minutes and ask yourself why:

Why do you want to work for yourself?

Why do you want to be a lifestyle entrepreneur?
Warning: Spending five minutes thinking why might change your life
Side effects include: thinking about selling all your stuff and living in a van, watching lots of sunrises and sunsets, searching Sky Scanner for flights to India, Thailand etc (and yes I am speaking from experience).

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