In October 2014 I started this blog.

I felt disillusioned working my 9-5 job and set up this blog to explore ways of earning income online so that I could quit my job, work for myself and do what I want to do with my time.

Me 8 months on

When I set this blog up 8 months ago I set myself three objectives to achieve by December 31st:

  • Start and launch a website and have it generate an income
  • Read 2 books on business and marketing (Completed)
  • Have a random weekend away (to make sure I enjoy life – didn’t complete)

So given this website has been going now for 8 months I thought I would evaluate where I was then and where I am now.

1) Start and launch a website and have it generate an income

Well this has been of mixed success. We realised that our skiing website (Snowee) would require so much more work and found that we left it too late for the ski season to actually make any money.

At the same time I think we were both being incredibly naive when we expected a new website to start earning income in 6-8 weeks!

However we did launch our first website and since then we have launched one further website (but for different reasons that I will explain below).

The Snowee website has been sitting dormant for the past six months and it is our project this summer to revamp it, refresh it and make sure that it is all ready to go for this years ski season. However unlike the lofty goal above this years goal is simply to build traffic to the site.

Did I quit the 9-5?

Yes I did. However I must point out that I felt frustrated and impatient and didn’t wait to earn an income before I quit – I just went out there and did it.

I did set up my own accountancy practice so that I could have an income whilst I continue to build websites and passive income at the same time.

When I mentioned above that we have launched an additional website this is true – however it happens to be my accountancy firm website.

Have I made any money yet?

Setting up this accountancy firm absorbed a lot of my time at the beginning of the year alongside planning my wedding.

This meant I was unable to devote as much time as I would have liked to build a passive online income.

So as you will have noticed from my income reports, the answer is that no I have not made a penny yet from websites or online income streams other than some investments.

However this morning my first online course that I have charged a fee for has gone live! Yippee!

Am I still enjoying it?

Yes – I love it! I find it so exciting, I still get a thrill from thinking that people have visited my websites and people have subscribed to my online courses.

On top of that it’s a huge learning curve and I continue to learn every day. The internet changes constantly so you are all ways learning new things.

The thought that one day this can sustain me financially is what keeps driving me forward. I still read lots of blogs from people doing the same thing and I have never felt more motivated!

So To keep up with the tradition of posting my objectives online I thought I had better put my objectives that I want to achieve by the end of this year:


The December 31st Objectives

  • Have 4 online courses available on Udemy
  • Make some money online ( Seriously anything – come on!)
  • Have a revamped Snowee website go live
  • Build 1 more small website

So there we have it – I have learnt that this process is amazing but takes time to build things up and it is certainly no get rich scheme.

But anyway fingers crossed for the next 12 months!

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