Everyday I cycle to work. The journey each way is 13.25 miles from my house in Christchurch to the centre of Poole.
I cycle to work for a number of reasons:

  • Its kinder to the environment ( I like doing my bit)
  • Its healthy ( and means I can eat more of my baked treats!)
  •  Its free ( helping me to save more for my wedding and life in general)
  •  The views are stunning and it makes me happy (sitting in traffic jams does not make me happy)

I have been doing this journey since I moved house in November.  Some days it is glorious, cycling along Bournemouth beach and enjoying the sunrise is stunning and beats traffic jams hands down! Other days its bloody hard, with rain, darkness, headwinds and sand – needless to say I do not like cycling on those days.

Part of the cycle is along the promenade between Bournemouth and Poole. As Bournemouth is one of the most dangerous places to cycle in the UK cycling along this traffic free promenade is very popular with cyclists and for me I wouldn’t cycle to work with out it. However at the moment Bournemouth and Poole do not seem to be clearing the promenade of sand, and for me on a road bike this makes cycling almost impossible. Fairly often you will find me carrying my bike half the distance of the prom with a grumpy look on my face.

So anyway yesterday on the way to work I hit a patch of sand and literally went flying. I scratched and dented my helmet, ripped my clothing, damaged my bike and also smashed up my knee quite badly.  I then had to spend a good 15 minutes mending my bike to cycle the additional 4 miles I still had to cycle to get to work.

When I eventually got to work I had mud and oil on my face and hands, a bloody knee and I looked a total mess. To be honest all I wanted to do was to be back at home and have a nice bubble bath to comfort my wounds.

Cycling to work means I have a 90 minute trip (including getting changed) each way to work and I also have to plan and pack my rucksack each morning which is also a bit of a pain.  This easy thing to do is mindlessly hop into the car and drive to work in comfort listening happily to the radio. However if I did this I would be less healthy, poorer and miss out on the beautiful sunrises and the happy contented feeling you get from a nice dose of exercise in the morning. I feel like I am making a positive difference to myself and the world in general and for me this is why a 90 minute commute, bloody knees and High Viz Lycra is all worth it.

There is a famous saying that nothing worth doing in life is easy and I believe that to be true. So when something becomes hard, do not give up and remember all the reasons of why you do it in the first place!

People in this day and age give up all too often and if they just persevered who knows what you can achieve!

Update: 2 days after this crash happened I got on my bike to cycle to work and hit a patch of black ice and went flying again, this time smashing my other side and giving myself whiplash, now hoping I have had my fair dose of crashing my bike this winter!!