Last week I mentioned how I don’t have enough time in the day, I can’t seem to get anything done and I am feeling frustrated with my lack of progress.

I have been reading countless articles on how getting up early is good for you and that the golden hour of the day is considered to be between 5am and 6am.
Normally I get up between 6-7am potter around, go to the gym or start working. By the time it gets to 5pm my brain is done. I get nothing done of any use in the evening so I figured the best way to get stuff done is to get up earlier at 5am.

This should mean I am able to get an extra 7 hours of work done each week. That’s practically an extra day! Sounds amazing right?

Well, how did I get on?

To summarise – mixed success.

I set myself this challenge last Friday. I won’t lie I didn’t manage to get up at 5am on Saturday or Sunday so that was a little bit of a failure.
I did manage to get up at 5am Monday to Thursday though (not this morning sorry – I was up until midnight fixing my road bike).

I did find that by getting up at 5am I was able to get at least a good solid hour of work done before 7am. This makes me feel productive and like I’m getting a head start on the world.
It’s a satisfying feeling!
On the days I got up at 5am I was able to get 1-2 hours of work done and gone to the gym or running as well all before 9 am! How cool is that?

The downsides

The downside of this is that I was super tired. The simple answer to this is to go to bed early – and on Monday I did just that and went to bed at 9pm (it was sooo good).
However Mike doesn’t get home from work until 7pm so by the time we have eaten dinner its already 8pm. Add to that 3 times this week we have been entertaining or out and it means an early night is nearly impossible.
I have come to realise that I am just trying to cram so much into my time that it is knackering, but I guess that’s who I am. The more time I find the more things I will find to fill it.  On top of working every day I realise I have managed to fit quite a bit in to the last 7 days:
– Had the wedding photographer over for dinner
– Invited a friend over to help fix my bike
– Gone to Ascot Racecourse to see Red Bull Air Race (totally amazing)
– Gone round a friends house for a BBQ
– Had an evening doctors appointment
– blackberry picking
– Made bread
– Made brownies and a lemon drizzle cake
– Gone to the gym and running

Redbull air race

5am experiment (version2)

I really did like the feeling of being productive early in the morning. So I am going to try again and see if next week I can do a full 7 days getting up at 5am (Challenge on!).
What I will do differently is try and have quieter evenings and instead of going to bed early I will try and have a quick power nap at lunchtime – and hope a client doesn’t phone me during this time!
When I did the July income report I set myself some steep challenges for August to get done – and to be honest I am not even close to ticking them off the list. Better get a move on.

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