Part of my August tasks was to come up for some ideas for some money making website ideas. I have been doing lots of research this month coming up with lots of plans and ideas and then quickly chucking them out the window.

When trying to make a website that generates an income there are just so many choices it is sooo confusing! You could have e-commerce, subscription websites, affiliate websites and then these can be niche sites of authority sites.

So when doing research I kept coming across the term authority site with many people telling me to make one of these

So what is an authority site?

Well an authority site is a really high quality website which is respected and leads the way within its niche. It contains loads of content which is updated frequently.

This means you need to build a big website that has a blog and contains information specifically geared to solving a problem or providing information for the website visitors.

Don’t concentrate on simply selling products as this will put the visitor off – it needs to be very high quality with a great design, striking images and useful information.

Why build an authority site?

Well I have been doing quite a bit of thinking and actually everything will be so much more successful if I enjoy what I’m doing. So if I can make an authority site which is about a hobby of mine it is more likely to do better than a niche site reviewing bathroom taps :s

Equally solve a problem or a question someone has and you might find that natural links will be built to your site which will massively help with google search engine ranking.

If you can make money from writing about something you really enjoy then surely this is the perfect win-win situation!  You may notice one of these sites popping up from me in the near future!


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